Big Brother Is Tracking You through Your Cell Phone [Video]

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Did you know that the government can know your whereabouts by tracking your cell phone? Most police don’t even bother to get a search warrant. Your cell phone carrier will simply voluntarily turn over the information. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine reports on how you can protect your privacy that’s surrendered by big phone companies.

spy with telescope and phone


This privacy breach doesn’t involve just criminals but also law abiding citizens. In 2011, phone carriers responded to more than one million demands by law enforcement for the location information of customers.

Larry explains how your mobile phone serves as a tracking device. Even with your GPS turned off, your cell phone still records your location. An appellate court in Washington, D.C. noted your phone records information such as whether you were at church or a bar, the gym or your girlfriend’s, a PTA meeting or a political rally.

If you do not want Big Brother using your mobile phone to know where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing, watch this video.

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