Divorce Think Financially Not Emotionally [Video]


If you’re a woman who’s considering divorce, watch this video. Lawyers.com Editorial Director Betsy Kim interviews Forbes author and financial strategist, Jeff Landers, about his book, “Divorce Think Financially Not Emotionally” and we’re offering free copies of it.

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Divorce Think Financially Not EmotionallyThe book focuses on helping women financially protect themselves during what can be one of the most heart-breaking and stressful occurrences in people’s lives. It covers essential topics such as  preparing for divorce, dividing assets and debts and knowing the ugly realities of actions husbands can take. Jeff has counseled hundreds of women, and based on decades of experience offers practical, useful guidance.

As a first and foremost tip, Jeff warns women to know their husbands’ finances including salaries, bonuses, 401(k) funds, investments, bank accounts and pensions. He has counseled many women who had no idea of the amount of their husbands’ total assets. Jeff also fills you in on underhanded tactics that he has seen husbands take, often leaving their wives in financially distressing situations.

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