Facebook Plays Superhero in Catching Comic Thief

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Spider-Man statuette

Rare Spider-Man comics were among those stolen from an Anaheim shop.

A California man will be needing a good defense attorney after he allegedly stole valuable comics from an Anaheim store only to be immediately apprehended, thanks to some quick social media work by the store owners.

The thief broke a display window with a rock and took off with $18,000 worth of comics, but got nabbed the very same day when he tried to sell some valuable “Incredible Hulk” issues at a different nearby store. Turns out the owner of Beach Ball Comics, where the heist took place, had already posted on Facebook about the theft, and the info made the rounds to comic-related message boards and blogs.

Nicholas Ignacio of Collector’s Paradise immediately recognized the Incredible Hulks and had an employee alert the authorities while he stalled the seller for time. “We immediately knew that they fit the description of two of the books that were in the list of stolen comics,” Ignacio told a local news source.

Among the other comics the thief took off with:

  • A 1963 “Amazing Spider-Man” signed by creator Stan Lee, worth $5,495
  •  A 1939 “Superman” No. 33 issue signed by the creators, worth $3,300
  • A 1940 “Batman” No. 4 issue signed by inker Jerry Robinson, worth $1,000

Only seven of the 11 stolen issues were recovered, not including the Spider-Man and Superman.

Today’s legal tip: Don’t steal comic books, or anything else. If you do, don’t try to sell unique items to dealers who might share social networks with the theft victim. When you get caught, find a competent criminal defense attorney at Lawyers.com.

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