Newsbreak: Who Spit on My Burger? [Video]


After an uneasy conversation with a Burger King employee, a sheriff’s officer in Vancouver, Wash., opened his burger to find a Whopper of nasty ingredients.

In this Newsbreak, Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine tells what happened when a food services worker spit on a customer’s sandwich. The officer sensed something was wrong and sure enough discovered he purchased a Whopper served not just with cheese but with an extra helping of spite.

Larry Bodine with a Whopper NewsbreakThe sheriff’s deputy took the burger into a crime lab. It tested positive for saliva. A lab technician took oral swabs from two of the fast food chain’s workers, and found an exact DNA match with one employee.

Could Burger King be liable under the Washington Products Liability Act for mental distress even without a physical injury? This “spat” at a hamburger joint became a real “federal case.” Watch Larry’s video and find out what the court’s had to say and the ultimate ruling.

Finally, you’ll learn the moral of the story, where it took more than two hands to handle this Whopper. And if you’ve ever encountered a similar incident and have questions about how your food was handled, you can check out for additional information.





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