When to Hire a Private Eye in Divorces [Video]


Whether you’re considering divorce or are in the middle of one, do you wonder if you should hire a private investigator?

Lawyers.com journalist Amber Statler-Matthews reports on what private eyes do in divorce cases. Divorce lawyer Dolly Hernandez, a partner at Rafool & Hernandez LLC in Miami, Florida, uses investigators in five to 10 percent of her cases. She explains the circumstances when detectives can help.

Lawyers.com video on private eyesAmber also speaks with one of the country’s best known private eyes, Dawn Ricci, president of All State Investigations. Dawn, who has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, 48 Hours, 20/20, CNN and the BBC, and in other national appearances, provides the inside story to Lawyers.com readers and viewers. She tells you what’s going to be useless information and what clients need as evidence. Dawn shares what she does to document the critical facts that can make or break a case.

You may want to check up on your spouse, but certainly don’t want to be caught spying in the bushes. This video can help you decide whether you need a private detective — especially when you suspect your spouse of substance abuse, child neglect or infidelity.

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