Valentine’s Day Legal Advice [Video]


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this may be a time of great happiness and excitement to “seal the deal” of your romance with a ring.  

But as we know all too well at, unfortunately, misunderstandings happen. Deals and contracts, even those made with the best intentions, can sometimes unravel. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine was interviewed on several news programs including WHAM ABC 13 in Rochester, N.Y., and by consumer watchdog journalist Mary Schwager of GalTime. He discusses things you might just want to know about before popping the question. What legally happens to the engagement ring if you don’t go forward with your wedding?

Man proposing to woman with ring

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The Rock of Gibraltar isn’t the only rock that has become subject to bitter ownership disputes. Larry explains the laws in different states that could determine what happens when diamonds aren’t forever. He provides practical advice, including questions to ask a lawyer if you’re calling off an engagement.

Read Larry’s complete Q&A in GalTime’s “Do You Have to Give Back the Ring? Legally?” 

Watch one of the TV interviews, where Larry discusses how marriage is not only a ceremony but also a legal contract. He reviews the legal benefits of marriage and reasons for today’s prenuptial agreements, which are no longer only for the very wealthy.

We hope all of our readers and viewers have a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember that is always here to answer your legal needs during all of your important life events.

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