Avoid Getting Ripped off by Rogue Movers [Video]


Signs of spring’s arrival often include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. More than 40 million Americans make a move each year. But unfortunately, one in five moves involve claims for damages.

Lawyers.com Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine provides advice on how to protect yourself from rogue moving companies. He describes the most typical complaints against movers — one of which is withholding property while demanding grossly inflated prices.

Moving man with box

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Larry tells you the best way to get an estimate and the warning signs of an unscrupulous mover. He also points you to resources provided by the federal government, showing you how to look up complaint records against the moving company you’re considering hiring.

And if you’ve been ripped off, this report explains where you can go to file claims or complaints regarding your interstate or local move. Did you know you might even be able to open a federal investigation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration? For these legal tips and many more, watch our full Lawyers.com video report.

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