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Deadly Intersection Costs Developer $6 Million

A developer that didn’t keep its promise to install a traffic light at an intersection where a fatal car crash happened must pay the victims’ families $6 million. The developer, Crescent Resources, agreed to install a traffic light on Highway 49 in Charlotte, N.C., in exchange for Mecklenburg County allowing it to construct a lakeside community across the highway. Despite pressure from the state and county and growing complaints from residents, the developer didn’t install the signal. Three people were …

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Practical Benefits for Vets on Memorial Day [Infographic]

Lawyers.com honors those who have served our country. The MVDC (Military and Veterans Discount Centers) infographic below provides statistics on the top states that offer military discounts. It also includes information on how military personnel can obtain these benefits. Lawyers.com covers veterans’ issues including compensation from the VA, damages for chemical exposure and employment law advice for returning soldiers. We thank the men and women in uniform and hope to help them obtain their full rights under the law, and …

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Are Facebook ‘Likes’ Protected Free Speech?

Can you be fired for clicking the “Like” button on a Facebook page? A group of employees in the Hampton County, Va. Sheriff’s Office will find out when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules on whether their dismissal for “liking” the opponent of their boss during election season violates the First Amendment.   Fired after a ‘Like’ It was election season in November 2009, when Sheriff B. J. Roberts learned that some of his employees were actively supporting …

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