Real Housewife Porsha Stewart Wins Temp Support from Ex Kordell

Porsha Stewart

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Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart, and soon-to-be-ex-wife of former NFL player Kordell Stewart, won a court order for $5,000 per month in spousal support.

But Kordell is fighting back, claiming his wife of less than two years, is an “an able-bodied person earning income and able to support herself.”

Kordell filed for divorce on March 22. According to Porsha, she was blindsided by the filing and Kordell changed the locks on their home without telling her.

Georgia Superior Court Judge John J. Goger on June 18 ordered Kordell to pay $5,000 per month and pay for the cost of moving all of Porsha’s personal belongings to her. The court will decide who pays the attorneys’ fees later.

The purpose of the temporary order is to keep the status quo and “hold everybody over until the court makes a final decision or until a trial,” said Tadd J. Yearing, an attorney with the law firm Pashman Stein in Hackensack, N.J., who practices all aspects of family law.

A final, permanent order of spousal support will be based on many factors, which vary from state to state but may include their incomes, the length of the marriage, and her earning capacity.

Porsha says her earning capacity was “set back significantly” because she gave up work during their marriage to raise Kordell’s son, Syre, from a previous marriage.

Kordell says Porsha can support herself, but spends most of her money on clothes and looking good instead of taking care of bills. He claims she didn’t pay a mortgage on a condo she owns and it went into foreclosure.

According to Yearing, even if that is true, it is not a slam dunk argument. Its impact will depend on state law, and whether Kordell took care of the bills during the marriage.

“The general concept is that activities during the marriage are joint. It doesn’t entitled you to buy Gucci shoes every day, but it if he was ever paying the mortgage for her condo, she may have a point. If he’s saying she isn’t spending her money wisely now, maybe he has a point,” he said.

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. At the time, Porsha said on the show that she did not sign a prenup because “there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us.”

Attorney Tadd J. Yearing headshot

Attorney Tadd J. Yearing

“I wonder what she thinks about that statement now,” said Yearing.

While a prenup generally protects the wealthier spouse, it can also protect the less-wealthy spouse especially in a state where a short marriage generally means a smaller alimony payment.

“Prenups are an underutilized tool. It’s not sexy to talk about what you’re going to pay me when our marriage falls apart, but she probably would have benefited from a prenup,” Yearing said.

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