‘It’s Just Lunch’ Has Date With EEOC [Radio]

Posted August 5, 2013 in Labor and Employment Podcasts by

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WCBS (880 AM) radio journalist Steve Greenberg reports male job applicants at the dating service “It’s Just Lunch” filed an EEOC complaint. They alleged the company refused to hire men as dating directors or sale representatives, violating discrimination laws. The commission agreed. The defendant offered to pay nearly $1 million to qualified male applicants who were not hired.

The company’s HR director tried to reverse the female only hiring policy but was fired. This retaliatory firing ended up also costing the company. The EEOC awarded over $130,000 in damages.

Steve says you’d think a dating service would understand the need for men and women to work together. Click on the audio box above to hear his full segment, “Your Next Job.” You can also follow him on Twitter @SGreenbergCBS.

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