Newsbreak: Big Beef Against Marriott Hotels [Video]


Betsy Kim, editorial director of, provides a “food for thought” Newsbreak.

A man has a big beef against the Marriott International. He’s suing the hotel chain, accusing it of charging for Kobe beef but actually dishing out a much lower-quality meat to his 300 wedding guests in Lincolnshire, Ill.

Betsy Kim

Anthony Schittino claims Kobe beef is from the Wagyu bloodline of cattle from Japan’s Kobe region, raised and slaughtered in a particular way. But Schittino says the U.S.D.A. banned beef from Japan to prevent the mad cow and foot-and-mouth diseases, during the time period covering his wedding. Plus, he says even after the ban was lifted, Marriott could not have supplied all the Kobe beef it claimed to have sold in all its 3,800 locations.

Trader Joe’s lost its case against Pirate Joe’s, a store that sold Trader Joe’s goods in Vancouver. Canada does not have any Trader Joe’s stores. So entrepreneur Mike Hallett drove groceries from Washington state across the border. Trader Joe’s sued Hallett claiming trademark infringement, as first reported on Aug. 27.

(After the lawsuit, Pirate Joe’s changed its name to Irate Joe’s).

A Seattle judge ruled Pirate Joe’s was harming neither U.S. commerce nor Trader Joe’s and dismissed the case.

Finally, a group, Keep Food Legal, has filed a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration for its efforts to limit sodium and fat in food, and sugary sodas. The group claims the city failed to respond to its Freedom of Information requests. Keep Food Legal wants to know more about the private individuals and groups, who worked with the administration in its policy making.

An appellate court ruled that the mayor’s initiative to ban the sale of super-sized sodas at certain locations was unconstitutional. But New York’s highest court agreed to review the matter.

According to its website, Keep Food Legal advocates abolishing agricultural subsidies, crop insurance and food regulations that restrict food freedom.

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