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Posted 3 years ago in Class Actions Products Liability Video by Staff Editor   
Newsbreak: Chicken Jerky Treats Poison Pets [Video]

  Larry Bodine, editor-in-chief of provides today’s Newsbreak about a type of chicken jerky treats that is poisoning pets across America. The Food and Drug Administration has warned that these chicken tenders, strips or treats imported from China contain an unknown poison that has made thousands of pet dogs sick and has even killed 500 dogs, which suffered from kidney failure. Recently a class action lawsuit was allowed to proceed in a Los Angeles federal court against a California …

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Newsbreak: Video Gamers Sue to Play Online [Video]

  Larry Bodine, editor-in-chief of provides today’s Newsbreak about what happens when you tell millions of video game players that they can no longer compete against each other online. Competing online is huge. For example, 5,000,000 people a day use Electronic Arts Internet services to play each other online using Xbox Live, Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and PlayStation Network. Recently, a class action lawsuit filed in New York federal court charged EA with false advertising and breach of warranty for …

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JP Morgan’s $13 Billion Settlement Explained [WFLT Radio]

  JP Morgan Settlement JP Morgan agreed to pay the Department of Justice $13 billion. In an WFLT, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., radio interview Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine explains why the banking giant settled its case. He also discusses a recent Florida case, where two girls were charged with aggravated stalking for cyber bullying a 12-year-old girl into suicide. The 2008 economic crash and following recession resulted from reckless bank activities. The wrongdoing included mortgage fraud against home buyers, investor fraud …

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Your Legal Duties to Trick-or-Treaters [WBBM News Radio]

iStock/Thinkstock With Halloween soon approaching, people are decorating their homes, preparing costumes and planning on giving sweets to trick-or-treaters. So, now is a good time to also think about preventing any lawsuits that could come knocking at your door. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine speaks to John Cody of WBBM Newsradio (780 AM, 105.9 FM) in Chicago on ways to avoid legal liability on October 31. Remember to clear off your lawn, patch any holes in your sidewalks and put away …

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Avoid the Halloween Nightmare of a Lawsuit [WBBM Radio]

  Before trick-or-treaters can leave you with the horror of a lawsuit, clean up your lawn and patch up your sidewalks. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine shares tips like these in a WBBM (780 AM, 105.9 FM) Newsradio interview with John Cody in Chicago, Ill. They help the grown-ups get ready for Halloween. You don’t want children coming to your property at night, falling into holes and injuring themselves. They may be dressed as witches, ghosts or goblins but they are …

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