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Posted 3 years ago in Crime Real Estate by Aaron Kase  
NFL Star Irving Fryar Indicted for Mortgage Fraud

Former football standout Irving Fryar was indicted last week in New Jersey for allegedly scamming nearly $700,000 through mortgage fraud. His mother was also included in the indictment for conspiracy and theft by deception. Fryar played wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins during a 16-year NFL career. According to the indictment, he and his mother took out six loans on her house in less than a week in December 2009 using …

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Posted 3 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Aaron Kase  
Varying Drink Sizes and Alcohol Concentrations Lead to DUI

Consumers who go out for just a couple drinks might find themselves drunker than planned and at risk of a DUI if they don’t watch the portion sizes and alcohol content in their beverages. Drink sizes in bars and restaurants can vary widely, and many beers and cocktails contain higher alcohol concentrations than are accounted for in traditional measures of how many drinks a person can have and stay under the legal limit for driving. A new report by the …

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Posted 3 years ago in Litigation Your Money & The Law by Aaron Kase  
Mockingbird Author Harper Lee Sues Museum Over Trademark

Legendary “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee has filed a lawsuit against a museum in the Alabama town the novel was based in for unauthorized use of her name and the name of her book. The Monroe County Heritage Museum in Monroeville, where the 87-year-old author resides, makes a number of references to Lee and her book, including on merchandise for sale in its gift shop. “The museum seeks to profit from the unauthorized use of the protected names and …

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Posted 3 years ago in Government Your Money & The Law by Aaron Kase  
Can We Sue the Government To Prevent More Shutdowns?

Congress passed a budget resolution last week to end the 16-day shutdown, bring federal employees back to work and get the government up and running again. The consequences of the shutdown were severe, with an estimated $24 billion lost from the economy which will result in stalled growth and slower job creation in an economy that is still recovering from the recession. However, the resolution only funds operations until Jan. 15, meaning we could be in for a sequel in …

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Posted 3 years ago in Divorce by Aaron Kase  
Survey Says Prenuptial Agreements Are on the Rise

Prenuptial agreements among couples seeking to get married are on the rise, according to a survey of family law attorneys. The survey, administered by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, found that 63 percent of divorce attorneys had noticed an increase in prenups over the past three years. “I think people have become much more conscious of the availability of prenuptial agreements and there’s a greater emphasis on protecting either premarital assets that may increase in value, or assets that …

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