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Posted 3 years ago in Government Your Personal Rights by Josh Crank  
Anti-Abortion Attorney General Stripped of Law License

The Kansas Supreme Court has unanimously voted to indefinitely suspend the law license of former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline for ethical misconduct in his prosecution of abortion providers. Although the state’s legal disciplinary administrator recommended that Kline be disbarred, the high court found that indefinite suspension was the “appropriate discipline.” Kline can reapply for his license after three years, but the Supreme Court must give its blessing. Tom Condit, Kline’s attorney, told that Kline planned to officially object …

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Posted 3 years ago in On the Lighter Side by Josh Crank  
Not Every Kind of Weed is Legal in Colorado

Colorado became the first jurisdiction in the world to legalize marijuana by popular vote with the passage of Amendment 64 last November. Several cities have decided to ban retail marijuana stores even before the first legal joint can be sold, but the city of Pueblo may start accepting applications for pot shops as early as next year. If that happens, Pueblo entrepreneurs may be able to sell Purple Kush, Lemon Diesel and Strawberry Cough — just so long as they …

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Posted 3 years ago in Criminal Law Your Personal Rights by Josh Crank  
Office Tenants Sue Over Hidden Cameras in Public Restrooms

A New Jersey jury may soon decide whether a person has a reasonable right to privacy inside a public restroom. A state appeals court ruled this month that a lawsuit filed over hidden cameras installed in an office building’s restrooms was wrongfully dismissed by a lower court. The lawsuit alleges that the building’s owner and their contractors violated the privacy rights of the tenant employees by operating surveillance cameras concealed inside smoke detectors in the bathrooms. The defendants convinced the …

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Posted 3 years ago in Crime Driving & Motor Vehicles by Josh Crank  
Drunk Woman Calls 911 for Help Getting Out of Her Car

Sure, Harry Houdini may have successfully crawled through six feet of earth after being buried alive. But could he get out of his own car with ten shots of vodka sloshing around in his belly? That answer may be lost to history, but if you ask 55-year-old Carol Frances Omeara of Billings, Mont., she can tell you that it’s no simple task. Omeara earned her fourth drunk driving charge after calling 911 to report that she was “just too damn …

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Posted 3 years ago in Personal & Home Safety Real Estate by Josh Crank  
Joan Rivers Sued for Cutthroat Condo Conduct

Comedy legend Joan Rivers funded her $30 million New York City penthouse by skewering celebrities with her merciless wit, but her former neighbor says Rivers’ practical jokes are even more ruthless. Elizabeth Hazan is suing Rivers for $15 million, accusing the comedian of engaging in dirty tricks in her role as president of the building’s condo board. Hazan says Rivers and her associates intercepted her mail, disconnected her cable and filled her door locks with glue. Rivers says Hazan is …

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