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Posted 3 years ago in Immigration Labor and Employment by John McCarthy  
System to Track Immigrants Needs Major Overhaul [Video]

  Comprehensive immigration reform demands a system that can instantaneously and accurately check an employee’s immigration status. That would require an enormous expansion of the current system, eVerify. In his video news story, journalist John McCarthy reports that immigration attorneys say without massive improvement, eVerify will inevitably cause even more mistakes in denials of citizenship, inconveniences and unfair hiring practices. Marketa Lindt, a partner at Sidley & Austin in Chicago and a leading authority in immigration and employer enforcement, …

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Posted 3 years ago in Editors Picks Government gun rights Video by John McCarthy  
Ilinois Faces Deadline for Concealed Carry Gun Law [Video]

  Illinois is the only state with a total ban on allowing gun owners to carry their weapons in public. But a federal court recently threw out this law as going too far, and violating the Second Amendment. Now, the Illinois legislature has a looming deadline to pass a concealed carry weapon statute that’s less restrictive. With the strong emotional differences in the fight over guns, state lawmaking has become a house divided. supervising producer John McCarthy’s presents the …

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Posted 4 years ago in Crime Litigation Personal Injury Video by John McCarthy  
Ex-Boy Scout Trial Exposes Group’s “Pervert” Cover-up [Video]

  Although it’s the motto of the Boy Scouts — the organization was NOT so “prepared” in protecting its members against sexual child abuse. journalist John McCarthy introduces you to Douglas Sovereign Smith, a convicted sex offender and the former national chair of the Youth Protection Task Force for the You’ll meet Kerry Lewis, of Portland, Ore. He had the courage to take on the Boy Scouts, after being victimized by a child molester. He explains his motivation for …

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Cuidado con los Notarios [Video]

  Los inmigrantes en las comunidades de habla hispana deben tener cuidado. Los “Notarios” o abogados falsos, están acechando a las personas de habla hispana que se encuentran desprevenidas.         Click here to read this story in English.         Desde Dallas, Texas, el reportero Kevin Peters de le presenta a una víctima: Beronica Mascorro. Ella pagó $1,500 a una fraudulenta impostora que pretendía ofrecer conocimiento y asesoría legal. En muchos países de América …

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Deadly Street Intersections [Video]

  A black Lexus barreled though a Chicago intersection, killing a little girl who was crossing the street while holding her mother’s hand. Who was to blame for 4-year-old Maya Hirsch’s tragic death? reporter John McCarthy investigated and found a surprising result that pointed to not only to the driver, but also to the City of Chicago. Steven Hart, the attorney for Maya’s family, shows how the city negligently left an intersection an unreasonably dangerous death trap. This accident …

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