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Posted 3 years ago in Personal Injury Video by Amber Statler-Matthews  
How the Law Can Help if a Child Drowns [Video]

  Pools Pose Hazards for Children Usher Raymond IV, the singer, songwriter and actor known as Usher, is used to being in the nation’s spotlight. But recently he made headlines for a tragic event that happened to his son Usher V. The 5-year-old nearly lost his life when his arm got stuck underwater in a pool drain. Reports indicate he has made a full recovery. According to the Centers for Disease Control, every year about 700 children under 15 aren’t …

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‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Isn’t Making Anyone Safer [Video]

  This is Part One of a four-part series on Stand Your Ground laws. Please see Part Two: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Fails to Deter Crime and Part Three: Task Force Examines Racial Bias in Stand Your Ground Laws, Part Four: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Means More Homicides. Last year’s deadly shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman put Stand Your Ground laws under the microscope. Zimmerman’s recent acquittal has only intensified the debate over these laws, which allow …

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For Most Student Loans Bankruptcy Is No Way Out [Video]

  Student loan debt could be the source of our country’s next financial crisis. There are more than 37 million student loan borrowers with outstanding debt totaling $1 trillion. Experts say 30 percent of that won’t be repaid or forgiven. videojournalist Amber Statler-Matthews reports that wiping out student loans through bankruptcy is not easy. Congress is now considering legislation for forgiving only private student loans through bankruptcy. Private student loan debt means it is held by private banks, not …

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Ripped Off Interns Suing Employers for Payment [Video]

  The movie, “Black Swan,” is a psychological thriller that at times is a terrifying journey through the disturbed mind of a young ballerina. But as videojournalist Amber Statler-Matthews reports, the drama on the scene was not the only drama on the set of the film produced by Fox Searchlight in 2010. Two unpaid interns sued Fox Searchlight and its parent company, Fox Entertainment Group, claiming they were essentially working for free. A federal judge in New York City …

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Alimony Reform Is Coming [Video]

    Deborah Leff Israel founded the Florida chapter of the Second Wives Club, now called the Florida Women for Alimony Reform. Deborah explains alimony changes are needed to weed out people who truly need longer term support from those who are able-bodied and can work but get away without doing so–because of the law. videojournalist Amber Statler-Matthews reports on the changes in alimony law, looming in the horizon. Deborah reconnected on Facebook with a friend, whom she had …

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