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Posted 3 years ago in Video Your Personal Rights by Ed Alpern  
Innocent People Fall Victim to Civil Forfeiture [Video]

  Imagine losing your house, your car, or even your money to law enforcement, but not being charged with or convicted of a crime. “The presumption of innocence that applies in every criminal case, which is mandated by the constitution, does not apply in the civil forfeiture arena,” says Matthew Lee, a partner at the law firm Blank Rome in Philadelphia. Civil forfeiture is happening in towns and cites across the country and it is perfectly legal. “The defendant is …

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Posted 3 years ago in Gay and Lesbian issues Video by Ed Alpern  
N.J. Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Faces Lawsuit [Video]

  “The therapists told my parents, at the time, that I was at risk of being pre-homsexual,” says Mordechai Levovitz, a gay social worker in New York. “And there are things that they can do to stop me from turning gay.” He founded an organization called Jewish Queer Youth or JQY. “I was hearing pain. I was hearing frustration, I was hearing shame. The conversion therapy was actually causing them the anxiety and the trauma.”    Every day, Levovitz hears horror …

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Posted 3 years ago in Divorce Video by Ed Alpern  
How Mediation in Divorce Works [Video]

  Recently, the Internet was atwitter with the story of a divorced wife who sent $47.12 in pennies to her ex-husband after a judge ordered her to make the payment. That’s the kind of venom that can sometimes drip in divorce cases, especially the one half of one percent that wind up in court.    Carl Cangelosi, a divorce mediator, believes that most splits don’t need to come to that.   Mediation as a Cost-Effective Alternative “Parties have disputes all the …

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Posted 3 years ago in Crime Current Events Government Video by Ed Alpern  
HBO Show: Criminal Defense of the Poor Is a Fiasco [Video]

  HBO Documentary Gideon’s Army “We don’t see a lot of happily ever afters in this profession, but hopefully we get us a happily ever after,” says Brandy Alexander, one of three public defenders from the deep South, whose stories are told in a new HBO documentary called “Gideon’s Army.” Videojournalist Ed Alpern takes viewers behind the scenes of this film to show how America’s criminal defense system for the impoverished is in shambles and needs to be repaired. …

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Artist Flames Protest with Smokey the Bear [Video]

  If you’re of a certain age, you know the image of Smokey the Bear, and the message he delivered: “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” But videojournalist Ed Alpern reports when Brooklyn activist and artist, Lopi LaRoe, became involved in protesting hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) on federal lands, she envisioned Smokey in another way. She created a banner where Smokey said, “Only YOU can prevent faucet fires!” The image spread like wildfire on the Internet. A …

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