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Posted 3 years ago in Criminal Law gun rights by Michele Bowman  
Texas Jury Deadlocks Over Rifle Owner’s Resistance

A man carrying an assault rifle on a hike with his son in Texas has avoided a conviction – for now — for misdemeanor interference with the duties of an officer, after he was arrested in a confrontation with a police officer over his response to questions about the gun.     Fight Fire with Fire? A jury in Belton, Texas, on Oct. 18 deadlocked over whether Christopher Grisham interfered with the duties of a Temple, Texas, police officer who stopped …

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Posted 3 years ago in Criminal Law Your Personal Rights by Michele Bowman  
Cops Mistake Jolly Ranchers for Meth

A Brooklyn man who was arrested for possession of what cops thought were rocks of meth but ended up being Jolly Ranchers is now suing the New York City Police Department.    False Positive Last June, Love Olantunjiojo, 25, and a friend bought some Jolly Ranchers candy at the It’Sugar candy store in Coney Island, according to news reports. When NYPD cops stopped the two men several blocks away, they searched them. Believing the red and blue Jolly Ranchers to …

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Posted 3 years ago in Wills and Probate by Michele Bowman  
Harry Belafonte Fights MLK Heirs for King Papers

Harry Belafonte is embroiled in a legal battle with the family of Martin Luther King over ownership rights to valuable historical documents that the musician-actor says were given to him.   A Falling Out The saga includes King’s family first suing Belafonte in 2008, according to CNN, to stop him from auctioning off the papers, which include an outline of one of King’s famous speeches as well as notes King had in his pocket the day he was shot in …

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Posted 3 years ago in Government Your Personal Rights by Michele Bowman  
Privacy Concerns Unfounded for State Health Exchange

Maryland’s new health insurance exchange, opened as required under the Affordable Care Act on Oct. 1, has raised some privacy issues over how health information will be shared.   Public Information? The Maryland Health Connection (MHC) reportedly alerts people who sign up that while it will not sell their personal information and that it can only be used for the exchange’s purposes, an exception exists for “law enforcement and audit activities,” according to the Baltimore Sun. Despite assurances from the …

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In California, Children Can Have More Than 2 Parents

After a convoluted case in which a lesbian couple and a biological father all claimed parental rights to a child made its way through the state’s courts, California has passed a law allowing children to have more than two legal parents.   Domestic Chaos The law, which was reportedly opposed by some conservative groups and cheered by gay activists, came in reaction to a 2011 case, In re: M.C., in which a child was placed in foster care.  The child’s …

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