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Newsbreak: Big Beef Against Marriott Hotels [Video]

  Betsy Kim, editorial director of, provides a “food for thought” Newsbreak. A man has a big beef against the Marriott International. He’s suing the hotel chain, accusing it of charging for Kobe beef but actually dishing out a much lower-quality meat to his 300 wedding guests in Lincolnshire, Ill. Anthony Schittino claims Kobe beef is from the Wagyu bloodline of cattle from Japan’s Kobe region, raised and slaughtered in a particular way. But Schittino says the U.S.D.A. banned …

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Newsbreak: OSHA Issues New Standards for Hazardous Chemicals [Video]

  Betsy Kim, editorial director of provides today’s legal Newsbreak on sustainability. The push for green initiatives is opening up myriad opportunities for new businesses, and the need to know what’s going on with environmental laws. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA) issued new standards for employers to voluntarily reduce the level of hazardous chemical exposure. OSHA says its current rules, drafted in the 70s, are “dangerously out of date” and tens …

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Express Your Views on Junk Food Laws [Poll]

Snacking on unhealthy foods is a known cause of obesity. The Harvard School of Public Health reports the U.S. spent $190 billion on obesity-related healthcare expenses in 2005. Similar to alcohol or tobacco, should there be regulations on junk food? The trend seems to say “no.” North Carolina recently passed a law barring obesity lawsuits against snack food makers. Plus, an appellate court ended New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg efforts to limit the sale of sodas to 16 ounces, …

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Newsbreak: Yahoo! and LinkedIn Sued for Violating Privacy

  Betsy Kim, editorial director of, provides today’s Newsbreak with information on your Internet privacy. Yahoo! is being sued by users of its email system. The plaintiffs claim Yahoo! illegally reads, copies and analyzes emails to make money with targeted advertising and data collection. They say this violates California’s Invasion of Privacy Act and the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The complaint states Yahoo! put in a new default email system, telling email account holders it would look for …

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Should Feds Freeze Defendants’ Pre-Trial Assets? [Poll]

After an indictment, federal law allows a district court to freeze criminal defendants’ assets that would be subject to forfeiture upon conviction. But defendants sometimes need those assets to hire their chosen counsel. Should defendants have a right to a hearing to challenge the charges and forfeiture before the trial? Otherwise, does such freezing of assets violate the defendants’ Sixth Amendment right to counsel and Fifth Amendment right against governmental taking of property without due process? On Wednesday, the U.S. …

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