OPM Disability Retirements: Day after day

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     Is monotony a negative trait?  How about consistency?  What is it in life that we strive for, search out and look under stones and around corners?  Is it possible that the life we already have, live by and daily “just do” is the one that is fated, meant to be, and of a satisfactory contentment such that change and disruption would be an unwelcome alteration?  Why is it that much of our time is given to complaining and picking at dissatisfaction, and it is only when unwanted intercessions suddenly turn things upside down, create a tumult and travail of circumstances, that we then suddenly “appreciate” the simple things in life?  Day after day, we enjoy the monotony of our circumstances, until one day we are hit with a medical condition. Things change; stuff happens; unwelcomed interventions are a part of life, and make for a transcendence from the staid and stodgy; and then we wish we were back to the day after day.  Medical conditions have a way of doing that – of forcing an appreciation for things simple when we complained of boredom and the loss of excitement.  Things we once took for granted – of being able to sit for a time without the distractibility of pain; of giving and receiving a hug without wincing; of being able to focus and concentrate on a book, an article or even a few sentences without becoming overwhelmed by pure and profound exhaustion and fatigue; those simple things in life that once brought joy, now a wistful memory of remembrances past, projected exponentially into a future unknown.  Will we ever be able to recapture that which we seem to have lost?  For Federal employees and U.S. Postal workers who are suffering from a medical condition, such that the medical condition no longer allows for the day after day monotony of performing the essential elements of one’s Federal or Postal position, preparing an effective Federal Disability Retirement application, to be filed with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, may be the best option available in an effort to recapture that once-monotonous life of drudgery and dreariness that you so long for.  “Count your blessings”; “Appreciate what you already have”; “Don’t complain; enjoy”; they were all considered inane pearls of forgotten wisdom, but when a medical condition hits us, the truth underlying each tends to nudge us towards being a better person for it.  Filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits won’t make you rich; but then, what has wealth got to do with it when you don’t even have your health?  Filing for Federal Disability Retirement is, instead, a means to another end – to attain a place where you can attend to your medical conditions and begin to travel the road back to where you can be bored day after day. 

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