What to know about pursuing an oil spill lawsuit in Mississippi

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To recover damages for harm you have suffered due to the BP oil spill, the federal Oil Pollution Act requires that you first submit a claim to BP before filing any other lawsuit or claim.  A Mississippi oil spill lawyer can help you do this to be sure your claim is for the full extent of the harm you have suffered, and that it is documented sufficiently and persuasively.

After that you’ll have a range of options, including: submitting a claim to the National Pollution Funds Center, filing a lawsuit of your own, joining a class action lawsuit, or even initiating a new class action lawsuit uniting persons in your situation.  You may also want to opt out of a class action lawsuit that has named you as a member, to preserve your right to take independent action to better protect your interests.

A wrong decision taken at any of these steps could cost you your valuable right to damages for the harm you have suffered.  An experienced Gulfport-Biloxi oil spill attorney can help you make the best decisions for you and your circumstance.

Judy Guice has practiced law in Biloxi for almost 30 years, and is well known for her strong representation of Hurricane Katrina victims, winning justice for those whose claims were wrongfully denied by the insurance industry.  For representation regarding a BP oil spill claim or related class action lawsuit, contact the Law Offices of Judy Guice at 888.417.1576

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