The Choices to Avoid Trial

Settlement is
the ultimate victory. It takes the decision making power away from a
third-party – a judge or jury – and puts it in the hands of the parties.
Settlement results only from consent, so a case is settled when the parties
have retained control over the outcome and have carved out a result for
themselves. It does not happen unless there is concurrence.

settlement negotiations can be conducted in several ways, through direct
negotiations, court supervised settlement conferences, and private mediation,
the latter seems to be the most popular and effective means since the parties
devote their time entirely to the negotiation process in a face to face
setting. That makes sense. The day takes on a special importance when the
parties know that they are there to discuss resolution of one case only. At Guy
Kornblum & Associates we know how to posture your case and get the leverage
that is needed to get the parties to the mediation table. That is one of our
many skills that we can use on your behalf.

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