Aggressive drivers are not only annoying on the roads, they
are extremely dangerous as well. Almost everyone has encountered them at some
point in time. Often these drivers fail to abide by the traffic rules and
regulations which create a risk for injury to themselves as well as the other
innocent drivers. Some of the behaviors that aggressive drivers will engage in


Cutting off other drivers

Changing lanes quickly

Weaving in and out of lanes

Taunting and verbally harassing other drivers

Other aggressive driving maneuvers

These types of practices can be highly risky to other
drivers who are abiding by the laws. If you have been injured by an aggressive
driver then contact an auto accident attorney today to find out what your
rights and options are for filing an accident injury claim. You may be entitled
to receive compensation for your damages. Conversely, if you have been involved in a DUI or DWi type of situation in the lone star stae of Texas, then you could be needing a Dallas Drunk Driving attorney to assist you if you have been charged with driving while intoxicated or other such criminal defense charges. Drunk driving is a serious offense and brings the threat of probation or jail time so retain a top DUI lawyer to assist you.

The Dangerous
Consequences of Aggressive Driving

Since they usually tend to drive at high speeds and make
quick turns and movements, any slight mishap or loss of control can cause a
collision with another vehicle or a fatal car accident. Serious injuries can
often result in such collisions. Drivers may suffer broken bones, head
injuries, back injuries, internal bleeding and more. The crash that is caused
by aggressive driving may only last a few seconds but the effects can be
life-long. Aggressive drivers can be held accountable for their negligent
actions by having an auto accident or personal injury attorney handle the case.

Reasons Drivers May
Be Aggressive

Sometimes sitting in heavy traffic can result in drivers
becoming aggressive with their driving. This is especially true for impatient
drivers or when one driver is trying to cut into the lane of another one. Dr.
David Wiesenthal, whose research at York University in Toronto focuses on
driving stress, vengeance and aggression, says the confinement can lead to
aggressive driving. "When people are in very slow-moving traffic, they get
stressed, and that leads to general nastiness, like horn honking, shouting and
cutting people off." Often drivers tend to get aggressive after a long
weekend when they are tired and trying to get back home from a trip or visiting
family for a holiday. During these times, it may be a good idea to try and
steer clear of major thoroughfares to avoid any potential dangerous drivers. Here in Dallas, Texas this and drunk driving are very common.

If you have been in a car accident with an aggressive
driver, seek the help of a licensed personal injury attorney to find out more
about your rights and options. An auto accident lawyer can inform you of your
rights and provide you with available options for getting the monetary or insurance compensation that you

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