Best Practices when Dealing with Auto Insurance Companies

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From time to time, it may become necessary to speak with auto insurance companies in relation to a claim.  If you need to discuss a car accident with your auto insurance company, consider these best practices:

  • Following a car accident, contact your Boston car accident attorney for advice first if possible.
  • When you contact your auto insurance company, be sure to have on hand the other driver’s information and any details about the crash. 
  • Be cautious in your conversation.  Save the details of the crash for your attorney to discuss with the agent and do not provide written statements or allow your conversations to be recorded.
  • Take notes on all accident-related conversations you have with the insurance company.
  • During any subsequent conversations with the auto insurance company, be sure you know the claim number.
  • Answer the insurance agent’s questions directly and politely.  Keep your responses honest and brief.
  • Stand your ground.  Do not allow the auto insurance companies to badger you, even if you think you caused the Boston auto accident.
  • Stick to your story and the facts.  Keep your story truthful and consistent.
  • Minimize or eliminate distractions when talking to your agent or the other driver’s insurance company.  If at all possible, avoid speaking with the other driver’s insurance provider.

Talk to your Boston auto accident lawyer for additional best practices in dealing with auto insurance companies.


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