Who is Watching “The Watchers”?

The Florida Highway Patrol is expected to decide this week whether charges should be filed in a violent crash involving a speeding Altamonte Springs police officer. In November, Officer Mark Maupin was traveling at least 104 mph on Maitland Boulevard near Bear Lake Road when his cruiser slammed into the back of a Honda sedan, severely injuring two people. Troopers think Maupin, 49, lost control and slammed into the Civic, which was stopped in a turn lane at a traffic light. On his first day back to work last month after several weeks off, Maupin was reprimanded for insubordination after leaving his assigned patrol area, put on light duty, and had his weapon and badge confiscated. Public records reveal that the 28-year department veteran has been reprimanded six times for accidents involving his patrol car.

For more on this story, see today’s Orlando Sentinel.

Sometimes, reckless law enforcement officers are the biggest menace on our highways.  One such case will be closely watched by residents of the Greater Orlando area to see if a "bad cop" is held to a different standard of justice than the rest of us.

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