Business owner, vendor relationships: amity, yes, but disputes, too

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In the world of business centrally marked by small and mid-sized enterprises, perhaps nothing is more fundamental and critically important than the relationship between owners and vendors/suppliers.

What relationship could be of a more symbiotic and reciprocal nature? What coupling requires more good-faith negotiation, more confidence reposed in a contractual party and more of a dire need for performance to be adequately and routinely carried out?

When owner/vendor relationships are marked by unflagging professionalism and an absolute reliability as to performance, both sides win in a big way.

Conversely, when they’re not … .

Things can obviously go south in a hurry when, say, your company provides goods or services as contractually required and then waits interminably for payment. Or how about a situation where your business is absolutely relying on the delivery of holiday-timed goods, and they never come?

A material breach of contract can floor — even devastate — a business whose good-faith performance is met with a substandard response from a contractual partner.

Fortunately, there are remedies for that, and a seasoned business attorney who is timely consulted can help invoke them.

We note the integrated acumen that a truly practiced commercial law attorney brings to clients in business disputes on our website at Jerry L. Freedman, APC, in Thousand Oaks. We closely assist business clients who need our help by promoting their interests through mediation and arbitration, and in court when litigation is necessary.

A proactive approach can go far toward resolving or otherwise mitigating adverse outcomes relating to problems between business owners and vendors/suppliers, respectively. A practice attorney will always seek optimal results for a client by anticipating and preparing for disputes, and then taking appropriate actions to defuse them.

We welcome readers’ questions and the opportunity to provide further information regarding the role we play on behalf of business clients who reach out to us for legal assistance.

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