Are you considering Buying or Selling a Business or Business Assets?  Where do you start?

If you are the Buyer should you buy the entire business (typically called a stock purchase) or just the business assets (typically called an asset purchase)?  If you just buy the assets of another business should you do so as an individual or as a newly created entity such as a North Carolina Corporation or North Carolina Limited Liability Company?  Should you require a Non-Compete Agreement with the Seller?  Should you pay cash at closing or should your payment be structured over time?

If you are the Seller should you require cash at closing or accept payments over time?  If you accept payments over time should you secure the debt with a UCC Financing Statement and/or a Personal Guarantee Agreement or other security interest?  

As a Buyer or Seller does the North Carolina Bulk Sales Law apply to your transaction?These are just a few of the topics you must consider when Buying and Selling a North Carolina Business or Business Assets.  Call Wesley S. Jones now at 910-256-5800 for a free telephone conference.  Serving Wilmington, NC and all of Southeastern North Carolina.

Wilmington Business Lawyer Wesley Scott Jones discusses some of the key considerations involved with the Buying or Selling of a Business or Business Assets in North Carolina.  Wesley Jones is an attorney practicing in Wilmington, NC (New Hanover County).

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