A GM Recall Lawyer is the Best Choice for GM Ignition Switch Crash Victims

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Over 50 Ignition Switch Lawsuits have been filed by GM Lawyers on behalf of crash victims that have been injured by faulty GM ignition switches.

Considering that two million vehicles included in the GM recall remain on the road, the demand for GM Lawyers is likely to increase.

The faulty GM ignition switches are deemed defective because the key may move and cause the ignition to turn off. This can be very dangerous, even deadly, if the car turns off while it is being driven. Not only could the stalled car cause an accident, but if the vehicle is shut off, the airbags will not deploy. So far the faulty ignition switches may have been responsible for the non-deployment of frontal airbags in 31 crashes. There have been 13 front-seat fatalities as a result of accidents caused a faulty GM ignition switch.

Because these accidents are a result of faulty GM ignition switch as opposed to driver error, crash victims need more than an auto accident lawyer. If you plan on filing a GM ignition switch lawsuit, you should consider hiring a Products Liability lawyer with experience in representing clients injured as a result of defective automobiles. GM has its own legal team dedicated to defending the company against these GM lawsuits. If you want to stand a chance, you need your own auto defect Lawyer with a Legal team specially dedicated to filing auto defect lawsuits.

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