Massey agrees to Medical Monitoring

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According to media reports, on February 24, Massey Energy Co. stated it will create a medical monitoring fund to provide health screenings for hundreds of southern West Virginia residents who sued the company over claims it poisoned their wells with coal slurry.

A Massey lawyer said the deal was reached even though a second mediation attempt in Charleston this week failed to settle other issues in the long-running lawsuit against Virginia-based Massey and a subsidiary, Rawl Sales & Processing.

More than 700 current and former residents of southern West Virginia communities Rawl, Lick Creek, Sprigg and Merrimac claim Massey and Rawl contaminated their water supplies by pumping 1.4 billion gallons of toxic coal slurry into worked-out underground mines between 1978 and 1987. Slurry is a byproduct of washing coal to make it burn more cleanly. The residents say that’s what turned their well water varying shades of red, brown and black.

For years, coal companies in Appalachia routinely have injected slurry into coal mines to save money instead using other systems that can safely store or treat it. When West Virginia coal companies like Massey contaminate the water supply, damage property, trespass on property or cause a nuisance to coalfield residents through blasting, dust or round-the-clock noise from coal trucks and coal trains, coalfield residents often must seek the help of experienced lawyers who know how to bring the coal company to justice.

In West Virginia, coal companies are well known for their profit-first mentality – rarely do they agree to take any responsibility for causing serious injuries or damage to people, property or communities. When coal companies cause this kind of damage in West Virginia, coalfield residents and their families need to turn to a lawyer to help bring the coal company to justice.

One law firm in Charleston, West Virginia understands and has successfully represented West Virginian coalfield residents in cases concerning injuries, water contamination, blasting and other property damage, and nuisance from dust and noise, and has for over fifty years represented injured West Virginian coalfield residents in injury, death and other damage cases.

DiTrapano Barrett & DiPiero, PLLC is available to help, advise and speak with West Virginian coalfield residents or their families. One of West Virginia’s most experienced injury law firms offers free consultations for injured persons and their families.

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