Talks Continue in NFL Concussion Lawsuits

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Judge Brody, The U.S. District court judge presiding over the NFL Concussion Lawsuits recently ordered that both sides mediate and explore a settlement to see if “consensual resolution is possible.”  Lawyers for the NFL and the NFL concussion lawyers representing the retired players have until September 3rd to report to Judge Brody before she decides on a course of action.

The lawsuits, which were consolidated in Philadelphia, allege that the league downplayed the dangers of repeated head injuries sustained by the plaintiffs throughout the course of their careers.

A number of these men –more than 25% of the 18,000 living NFL retirees– have filed NFL concussion lawsuits against the league.   These men left the league believing they were retiring from risky sports injuries only to suffer more  serious,  long-term side effects including dementia and depression – some so severe that they were driven to the point of suicide.

Prior to Judge Brody’s order, The NFL filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuits, claiming the league was honest with their players about the risks of injury. While the league has gotten more conscious of the dangers of concussions in recent years, this was not always the case.  The league did conceal the seriousness of repeated head trauma from the Plaintiff’s involved in the NFL Concussion Lawsuits and should take appropriate actions to rectify it’s negligence.  This means providing comprehensive medical care and financial support to those who have had their lives destroyed by the leagues misconduct. These men risked their lives and their futures for the benefit of the  NFL.  It’s time for the NFL to give them the proper compensation.

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