Massachusetts Judge Charged after Craigslist Sale

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Worker’s Compensation Judge Cheryl Jacques is to be arraigned today in Newton District Court on the criminal misdemeanor charge of larceny by false pretense. Larceny of by false pretenses is where a person relies on the words or representation on another in order to make a decision that is wrong. 
 Jacques, a former State Senator, is currently a Massachusetts Administrative Law Judge at The Department of Industrial Accidents, is being charged with misleading a buyer of her used baby’s pack and play. Apparently Judge Jacques posted an ad on the popular craigslist site to sell an old pack and play baby crib for $75. The buyer in this case the alleged victim went to the Judge’s house,  ooked at it and purchased it. Later the buyer complained that there were a few pieces missing and filed criminal charges.
A clerk magistrate’s show cause hearing was conducted. That is a preliminary hearing to determine if charges should be issued. After the hearing the clerk issued the misdemeanor charge.
If convicted Judge Jacques faces a three hundred dollar fine and up to one year in the house of correction. In this case, Jacques faces possible sanctions at work as he is a judge. This case may also hurt Jacque’s chances of moving up in the judicial system. However, the chance of jail in a case like this rather remote.
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Judge charged with larceny by false pretense after sales of used baby crib on craigslist.  

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