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Phoenix Violent Crime Attorneys
What is considered a violent crime in Phoenix, AZ

From simple assault to murder, violent crimes can encompass almost any circumstance under Arizona State law. A mere theft can be charged as a robbery if someone says the wrong thing or moves the wrong way. An aggravated assault or murder charge can result over the lawful use of self-defense. In Arizona, law enforcement has a tendency to charge first and investigate the truth later, if at all, regardless of your legal rights.

Violent crimes is an exhaustive list, which can include assault; aggravated assault dangerous (deadly weapon or injury); robbery; armed robbery; kidnapping; unlawful discharge; endangerment; drive by shooting; misconduct involving weapons (prohibited possessor, weapons possession during a drug offense, sawed-offed shotguns); arson; threatening and intimidation; any violent sexual offense; manslaughter; and murder.

Due to the nature of violent crimes, there is always an alleged victim. More often than not the alleged victim does not come to the table with clean hands. Whether he or she has a violent past, prior felony convictions, a drug or alcohol problem, provoked the offense or even attacked first, these are the critical facts that Mendoza/Jakobe Law investigates in order to craft a defense and corroborate your side of the story. In like vein, Arizona has granted its citizens many justification defenses, e.g. self-defense, lawful display of a weapon, crime prevention, and third-party protection. These are just some of the many violent crimes defenses available to someone who has been charged with a violent offense depending on the charges, facts and circumstances of the case. All of these are taken into immediate consideration and investigated from the first meeting with Mendoza Jakobe Law.

By Phoenix violent crimes attorney, Carissa Jakobe

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