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Philadelphia discrimination lawyers report that women working in male-dominated careers generally experience higher levels of stress and more health problems than women working in more integrated fields. Studies have shown that women who work in an environment in which 85 percent or more of their coworkers are men experience more spikes in cortisol levels throughout the day than women who work with equal numbers of male and female coworkers. Cortisol release is a physiological indicator of stress. Over time, high levels of stress can lead to heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and psychological disorders. Women working in male-dominated fields often experience sexual harassment, a lack of support from coworkers, slow promotion, coworkers who doubt their competence, and additional performance pressures. Male-dominated professions, like technology and engineering positions, also often pay better than female-dominated fields, such as elementary school teachers. Ideally, male-dominated fields will become more integrated, which could reduce stress for women in these careers; however, employers need to make that possible by eliminating sex discrimination in the workplace.

If you have experienced gender discrimination in the workplace, contact us online or call the Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. at 215-569-1999 to discuss your case with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Philadelphia. Our Philadelphia discrimination lawyers have been leading the fight for gender equality in Philadelphia workplaces for over 25 years.

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