Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets? You can Investigate

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Getting a divorce is difficult, and you know that part of that struggle is dividing your assets. For many people, this is relatively straightforward, but for others, there may be assets they aren’t sure about or that they can’t find. For them, finding those hidden assets can make a major difference in their settlements.

Today, electronic trails make it much easier to discover assets that have been hidden or moved. For example, putting a GPS in someone’s vehicle or even tracking the GPS coordinates of their phone can help you identify where they’ve been and if that can be associated with where missing assets might have gone. Phone records, email records and even chats make it simpler to find assets.

Another thing that can help is social media. Facebook, Instagram and other sites allow users to post images and write, and while that might seem innocent, those assets you’re looking for could appear in images so that you can make a claim and seek them out.

If you aren’t great at doing your own investigating, it’s possible to hire an attorney who is. There are many attorneys who are experienced in finding hidden assets through a number of high-tech strategies. Some items might not be admissible in court, depending on how the assets are found, but that discovery can still be helpful and lead you to other hidden assets through legal means.

Our website has more about asset division and what to do when you’re ready to move forward in your divorce. With the right help, you can get through this.

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