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Serving Carlsbad, CA

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Military families in crisis have a choice between military and civil protective orders.

Military protective orders can be obtained quickly and easily by an abused spouse by going to the other spouse’s command. The drawback is that they are usually all encompassing, preventing any contact at all between the offending spouse on one hand and the abused spouse and any minor children on the other. A civil protective order, on the other hand, can be tailored to fit the particular situation. For example, where there are minor children the offending spouse will usually be allowed to have and to communicate with the abused spouse about the children, although often by email only. If the situation is salvageable, a civil protective order is like to be the better alternative.

Information on civil and military protective orders, as well as restaining orders and harassment orders, can be found on our webite. Though restraining and harassment orders are not the same things as protective orders, they all can be factors in the overall case, and all stem from some form of domestic violence. This can all be quite complex, which is why it is suggested you consult with a professional when sorting through it all.

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