New Laws for Medical Marijuana In Sacramento County

There are over 577,000 registered medical marijuanana users in the United States. 200,000 of which reside in California, a state which is no stranger controversy. 

Just this morning an article published in the Sacramento Today, announces a few changes to current medical marijuana laws which will set a temporary ordinance for dispensaries to operate under a new set of restricted conditions, limiting distribution to certain zoning categories, and areas. As a direct result many advocates in the state of California, and across the nation have spoke against this proposed new ordinance, including Sacramento Criminal Attorney, Mike Wise.

"These lawful and legitimate businesses find themselves under ever growing pressure and over regulation which may very well force the closure of these crucial avenues to medicine for several members of our community.  The  California Compassionate Use Act, Medical Marijuana Program Act, and Attorney General Guidelines clearly recognize the legitimacy of these business, however Sacramento County Law Enforcement and now the Administration of Sacramento County are clearly executing a predetermined plan to criminalize, harass and eventually relocate these medical dispensaries.  The Wise Law Group will continue to fight against the efforts of local agencies which seek to undermine the will of Californians and the law as set forth by the California Legislature and even the California Attorney General.  Medical Cannabis is  a valuable and legitimate relief for many members of our society.  The County of Sacramento’s refusal to recognize this value and the needs of Sacramento residents must not be tolerated."

Sacramento Criminal Attorney Mike Wise speaks out against proposed changes to medical marijuana laws in the state of California.

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