How many points will a DUI put on my DMV record?

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In California a DUI conviction will result in 2 points on your permanent record.  These points will remain for at least 10 years.  A DMV Hearing Lawyer can help by requesting a hearing and challenging any suspensions that may be triggered by a DUI conviction.  Examples of these include: APS suspensions, negligent operator suspensions for too many points, commercial revocations for truck driver cases, medical disqualifications, among many others.  Once a suspension is initiated it will likely be shared with all other states in which a driver may be licensed. It is possible that a DUI could result in higher points if an accident is also involved.  The DMV will usually send notice to the individual regarding their record if a high number of points have been acquired.  Because the DMV treats DUI DWI and driving under the influence violations so seriously it makes sense to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

A DUI conviction in California will cause 2 points to be placed on your DMV record.  A DMV Hearing Lawyer can challenge suspensions relating to a DUI, including APS, negligent operator and commercial revocations.  The DMV will treat these types of violations seriously, therefore action should be taken to avoid having the offense, and the resulting points, appear on your record.

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