What can I expect from a termination of disability benefits letter?

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Most disabled insureds who have received a termination of benefits letter from the long term disability insurance company focus on the one sentence that states that no further benefits are payable. In a state of shock, disabled insureds fail to read the remaining portions of the letter.

A long term disability insurance company is required by federal law to give specific reasons for its decision to deny benefits in a way that is understood by the disabled person. They are also required to supply a list of additional documents and information that the long term disability company needs to assist the disabled person in showing the company he is disabled.

If a court ultimately determines that the long term disability company did not provide this information in its termination letter, then the court can either give the win to the disabled person or send the claim back to the disability insurer and order the company to follow the law.

If you received a termination of benefits letter under a long term disability policy, call an experienced law firm who can help you assess your rights. Gisonni Law Firm is a top firm in the long term disability field and can help you determine your next steps.

Gisonni Law Firm focuses its practice on disability claims and litigation for disabled people in New York, New Jersey, and the tristate area. For an understanding of your legal rights from the perspective of a highly experienced disability attorney, call Gisonni Law Firm today.

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