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In the past, many members of the U.S. Women’s Hockey team had to work second and third jobs – and half of them did. The women’s national team recently took a stand against USA Hockey for its inequitable treatment of players.

During a very public weeks-long contract standoff, team members threatened to boycott the upcoming IIHF World Championship game. The women argued that unlike their male counterparts, who are mostly comprised of well-compensated NHL players, the pay and support they received was inadequate and unfair. Their goal was to reach a deal that would treat them equally compared to the men’s team.

On March 28, the dispute ended when the women’s national team agreed to a contract that would make the playing field more level. Under the new deal, players can earn substantially more, including a monthly stipend. USA Hockey has also agreed to pay players a $20,000 bonus for winning a gold medal in next year’s Olympics and $15,000 for taking home the silver.

Additionally, USA Hockey will form an advisory group that will work towards the advancement of girls’ and women’s hockey in all areas, including promotion, marketing, and fundraising. Supporters believe this will pave the way for a brighter future for women’s hockey and other women’s sports.

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