How do parties without lawyers actually get divorced after a Mediated Agreement has been signed without spending a lot of money?

Parties come to mediation, no lawyers involved, and reach an agreement which is typed up by the Mediator.  Who does the rest of the necessary paperwork to actually get the divorce without spending a lot of money?

A mediator can type up an agreement reached between parties.  They cannot practice law, in the State of Arkansas at least.  Therefore, the mediator cannot prepare all the other paperwork necessary to actually get the divorce, i.e. the Complaint for Divorce, all the forms the Circuit Clerk needs filled out, a Waiver and a Decree of Divorce. Also, the parties need someone to guide they through the process.  In Washington County, Arkansas, Legal Aid is at the Washington County Courthouse on the corner of Dickson St. and 71B on the 5th floor every other Friday to assist people with this. Further, if people are particularly financially challenged, there is a process the filing party can go through to ask the Court to allow them to file the Complaint without the $165.00 filing fee.  Legal Aid should also be able to walk them through that.  

It is very possible this type of service is available in your area.  Reach out to your local legal aid organization to see if they provide this service.   

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