Mediation: Divorce Tailored to Your Family’s Needs

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What are the Advantages of Mediation over a Regular Divorce?

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If you are thinking about divorce in California, consider another legal and beneficial alternative to the lengthy and costly divorce process—mediation. A San Francisco divorce mediation attorney can discuss other options deviating from the traditional divorce approach that requires litigation.

Mediation is highly tailored to each family’s needs and values

Advocates of mediation point to the fact that mediation tends to save time, money, and conflict. But above all, mediation is tailored to your family’s needs, values, and lifestyle.

There are other benefits to working through a divorce by mediation. By using the services of a trained San Francisco divorce mediator, your family, post-divorce, may be better prepared and more willing to fulfill the parenting requirements agreed to during the mediation period since the key components of any parenting agreements are discussed jointly in the mediation sessions. The solutions and agreements are the result of what you and your estranged spouse share as a vision for your separate futures. Since you and your estranged spouse have control over the details of the final agreements, mediators believe that both parties are more likely to abide by the agreements voluntarily.

Besides those important elements, a skilled San Francisco divorce mediator is trained to help divorcing couples open the lines of communication in order to reach a common goal, explore settlement options, and reach decisions tailored to your family’s values, needs, and lifestyle so that the post-divorce relationship is as amicable as possible.

Privacy in your time of need

Mediation also offers privacy to all parties during the divorce process. You get to make your decisions in a private setting and, unlike having a judicial officer, the mediator does not make decisions for you or give you legal advice. Instead, he or she will help you explore alternatives. The aim is for you and your spouse to reach solutions that best fit the specific needs and wishes of you and your family.

During the mediation process, your San Francisco divorce mediator ensures that all necessary steps are followed so your divorce is equitable and legal.

A San Francisco divorce attorney with mediation experience can help you determine the best and most effective process for your unique divorce matter. When you are ready to explore mediation options for your divorce, contact McDonald & Mannion for all your needs.

San Francisco divorce mediation attorney Brian McDonald has over 25 years experience as an attorney and with mediation. Mr. McDonald mediates divorces, business disputes, and probate matters from his San Francisco law firm.

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