Remember the Meaning of Memorial Day

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It has been my distinct Honor, pleasure and privilege to have been an officer in the United States Navy Reserve for more than 26 years. Hopefully, I will be able to complete 4 more years before my mandatory retirement at 30 years of commissioned service. During my Naval career I have met and worked with the finest, most dedicated, patriotic men and women in America, our servicemembers. They willingly go in "harm’s  way" on our behalf and ask very little in return. All they ask is that we Honor their service and remember and revere them if they are called upon to make "the ultimate sacrifice." On this Memorial Day weekend, I call upon all of my  colleagues of the Bar and the Bench and my fellow citizens to remember the real reason we celebrate this Memorial Day Holiday. To take a moment and say a silent prayer for the fallen heroes who made it possible for us to enjoy this weekend and to celebrate with our loved ones. If you should see a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine this weekend, go out of your way to shake his or her hand and say “thank you for your service.” They will appreciate it and you’ll feel great for doing it. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend

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