What To Do When Your Loved One Is Up For Parole

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How Can I Help My Loved One With Their Parole Hearing in Texas?

Texas parole representation

To help a convicted family member obtain parole, family members should have a good understanding of how the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducts the parole decision-making process and the reasons they release offenders. Family members can often play a vital role in contributing information that leads to parole.

The concept behind parole

Through effective Texas parole representation, an experienced attorney can present convincing facts about why the board should grant parole. This preparation for providing information starts months in advance, so procuring a lawyer early on is important.

As a family member, it is important to understand the concept behind parole. According to a publication released by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles called “Parole in Texas – Answers to Common Questions,” “parole” is a French term meaning “word” as in keeping one’s word or promise. In terms of an early release after conviction, it means an offender promises to follow rules and conduct life in a law-abiding manner after release. Once released, a parolee remains under a parole officer’s supervision for the remainder of the sentence. Family members can show how they plan to help their paroled loved one keep this promise of complying with rules. Actions they can take that demonstrate support include:

* Lining up possible jobs and getting written documentation from employers willing to employ their loved one after release

* Sending letters that express how they can support the loved one and giving character references about why they feel the loved one can be successfully paroled

* Attending the family member’s parole hearing to show family support

For a dedicated and experienced attorney

The Law Office of Kevin Stouwie focuses its practice on Texas parole representation. We understand how much loved ones want to help a family member obtain parole and work closely with you to present an effective argument to the Parole Board. We offer a free consultation to review your loved one’s situation and evaluate how we can help. During the consultation, we can explain in more detail what you can do as family members.

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Family members can often play a vital role in contributing information that leads to a loved one’s parole. They can write character letters, line up employment opportunities, attend parole hearings and provide support in other ways.

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