Paying for Doctor Treatment After a Car Accident Injury

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A car accident resulting in bodily harm forces the injury victim to seek treatment. People with private or public insurance plans can use their own insurance to cover for needed doctor attention. People with medical pay coverage under their auto insurance policy can implement that provision to pay for doctors or for co-pays. But not everyone has coverage to treat injuries related to truck, bus or car accidents. Where no coverage exists for medical care, a personal injury attorney can locate providers who provide services on a lien basis. Doctors who treat patients on a lien basis will not require payment of their bills until the conclusion of the personal injury case. This allows the victim to obtain needed diagnostics and health care even where health insurance is not available to pay. When the case settles, the lawyer negotiates and settles the doctors out of the settlement proceeds.

Doctor treatment on a lien is desirable even for those with health insurance for several reasons. First, doctors on liens do not charge co-pays and the patient need not meet a deductible before full coverage kicks in. This means that the patient covers absolutely nothing up front. This is extremely valuable for those who have little money to cover for deductibles and co-pays. Second, doctors on liens have a vested interest in the outcome of the truck accident lawsuits and litigation. As a result, there is a greater attention on causation, or what caused the current injuries. More focus on reporting and opinions regarding how the harm arose helps the auto accident lawyers representing the victim obtain more compensation to pay for attorney fees, pain and suffering and medical liens. Finally, lien basis bills are the full cash bills that have not been negotiated by a large health plan prior to the conclusion of litigation. When a plan negotiates with providers within their networks, the bills are significantly reduced by the provider in exchange for participation in the network. When it comes time to ask the auto adjuster to shell out cash, they are already significantly reduced, thereby passing the savings on to the defendant’s who caused the collision! Where liens exist, the auto attorney demands the full amount from the car insurance adjuster and then reduces the invoices following settlement, thereby passing the savings to the client/victim. In addition, pain and suffering is generally calculated as a multiplier of the medical bills. Where debts are negotiated by a health plan prior to settlement, the pain and suffering is also reduced.

For those who are experiencing pain and harm due to a collision on the roadways with a car, bus or truck, it is critical to seek treatment immediately. When wondering how to pay for doctor treatment after a car accident, call a lawyer for help. Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. is an auto accident attorney willing to speak to those who call to see what can be done to assist with obtaining and paying for care following a truck accident injury. For quick help, call 909-325-6032, or visit for more information or to contact the firm via email. His firm represents people in Claremont, Upland, La Verne, Pomona, San Dimas, Diamond Bar, Covina, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Walnut CA.

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