Protecting You From Insurance Company Tactics and Bad Faith Practices

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After an auto accident, while you are still recovering, insurance companies begin working to minimize their liability.  The primary concern for these companies is their profits and not the financial needs and losses of accident victims.  An attorney can help you and your loved ones fight against the tactics insurance companies use to protect their interests, including bad faith.

Many insurance companies employ investigators who are available 24 hours a day.  These highly-trained individuals begin collecting evidence and taking witness statements to support the position that the policyholder was not responsible for the accident.  Unfortunately, you may still be in the hospital while the defense is building a strong case against your claim for compensation.

An experienced auto accident lawyer can offer you the resources you need to support your claim immediately.  Unlike insurance companies, an attorney’s goal is to help you obtain fair compensation for your damages.

An auto accident lawyer negotiates fair settlements

Unfortunately, insurance companies occasionally use your need for compensation to offer you less than you deserve.  The initial settlement offer may be very low and the company may make it immediately after your accident.  This way, you do not have the opportunity to understand the extent of your damages fully or consult with an attorney for a qualified estimate of the compensation you deserve.

Once you accept a settlement, you cannot file a lawsuit if you realize your damages were not covered.  Let an attorney help negotiate a settlement that meets your need for compensation.

An attorney protects you from bad faith practices

Policyholders expect their insurance companies to act according to the terms of their policies and be honest in their correspondence.  If an insurance company acts inappropriately, you may have a claim for any damages they cause you.  Duties the insurance company must adhere to in order to avoid acting in bad faith include the following:

  • Proper investigation of the claim
  • Accurate estimate of the damages
  • Acknowledging claims
  • Paying judgments against the insured if the policy covers the acts

Attorneys focus on resolving your legal issues effectively and efficiently and protect you from insurance companies that put profits ahead of compensating you for the damages a negligent policyholder caused.

Contact an auto accident lawyer that puts your needs first

If you live in Illinois and were injured in a serious accident, contact one of the Chicago car accident lawyers at Friend, Levinson & Turner LTD at 312-346-8465 or visit their office at 33 N. LaSalle St., Suite 3200, Chicago, IL 60602.

Learn how an attorney can help you fight against the tactics insurance companies use to protect their interests, including bad faith.

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