Sustaining accidental injuries is never pleasant. But, when the accident could have been avoided if someone else had acted responsibly, every aspect of the experience becomes more complicated and frustrating. If your injuries were minor to moderate, you may be able to receive compensation by filing an insurance claim. But, you need to be aware that insurance companies are not always considering your best interests—they are more concerned with their own bottom line.

How a personal injury attorney can protect your interests

When you need to file a personal injury insurance claim, it often makes sense to retain an attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies. A skilled attorney knows how to use state insurance laws to make sure you receive fair treatment. And an experienced attorney knows when to take aggressive legal action to protect your rights to compensation.

Typical insurance tactics

Your attorney is watchful of typical insurance tactics such as these:

  • Tempting accident victims with quick settlement offers: It is natural for accident victims to seek solutions that can quickly put the matter behind them. But, a quick offer is not necessarily a fair one. When you retain an attorney experienced in insurance claims to handle the claim on your behalf, the initial offer is much more likely to be fair.
  • Delaying claims: At the opposite end of the scale, insurance companies often use claim delaying tactics. These include repeatedly requesting you to describe the circumstances of the accident, questioning the authenticity of your injury claims, or refusing to accept diagnostic and treatment explanations from your doctors. These tactics are all attempts by the insurance to devise reasons to deny your claim. Do not succumb to these tactics without skilled legal assistance.
  • Reducing or denying claims: You may file against your own insurance company (required in most auto accident cases under the Florida no-fault insurance laws), or against the liability policy of the party who caused your accident. In either case, the insurance contract governs the specifics behind when claims are paid and the value of those claims. Insurance companies often attempt to deny or reduce the value of claims that are covered under the contract. When you are represented by an attorney knowledgeable in insurance legal requirements, you can feel confident that he or she is taking every legal measure to ensure you are treated fairly.

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Review several tactics that insurance companies employ to avoid paying full compensation.

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