Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is one of the most devastating injuries a victim of an accident can experience. A brain injury can change your life forever, making even the simplest task difficult to complete. These injuries can also change your personality, impact your speech, or cause neurological problems throughout your body.

What is even more devastating is that a TBI may not appear right away. Injury to the brain may actually occur once the swelling and physical trauma to the head has healed. Anyone who has experienced any type of head trauma in an accident should be monitored for signs of TBI for an extended period of time.

Protecting The Rights Of Those With Head Trauma

Because the extent of the injury to the brain is hard to detect right away, many insurers push for a quick settlement when a head injury is involved. It is in their best interest to settle fast so that when problems arise from the injury after a period of time, they are no longer liable for the medical care. This is a tactic often used by insurers to protect their bottom line while appearing to care about the victim by making a quick settlement.

Anyone who has suffered a head trauma or brain injury should speak to an attorney about their accident. An attorney will protect their rights and ensure that they are receiving the proper medical care for their injuries for the length of time necessary to treat their disorder.

Common Side Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Because the brain is unique in each individual, there are no absolute side effects seen in TBI. Each case will be different based on the physiology of the person and the place and extent of the injury to the brain. However, there are some common side effects seen when a person suffers from TBI.

Common side effects include:

• Loss of short term or long term memory or both
• Loss of the ability to concentrate
• Loss of the ability to control emotions, especially anger
• Loss of the ability to use different limbs
• Loss of sight, hearing, taste or smell
• Loss of the ability to control bladder or other bodily functions
• Tremors, shaking, or other neurological damage

These are not the only issues that are associated with TBI, just the most common problems.

Types Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries are categorized into two types. The first is penetration injuries. These injuries occur when something enters through the skull, such as shrapnel, and enters the brain causing physical damage. The second is impact injuries. This occurs when the head is jolted very hard from impacting an object, being shaken, or from a loud noise like an explosion. This causes the brain to move around in the skull and causes swelling. Impact injuries can also cause physical damage such as bruising or bleeding. Both injuries are very serious and both can lead to life-long disabilities.

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