Purchasing a house is the largest investment many of us will ever make in our lives.  We will save tens of thousands of dollars and borrow hundreds of thousands more.  We will likely live in the house for at least 10 years, if not more.  So the answer to the question, "How important is a house inspection before closing?" is an easy one: extremely important.

Most of us won’t notice things like water stains on basement walls, wood damage in hard to reach locations, or insect damage on girders.  These things can be found by licensed house inspectors.  However, what you can do about those found damages when you are getting ready to close on a house is all determined by how you have written your home inspection clause in your contract.  The home inspection clause can be written seller friendly, buyer friendly, or anywhere in the middle.  Your attorney can assist you with developing a home inspection clause that protects you and your investment.  Clauses can include repair provisions, replace provisions, and refund provisions.  Please give us a call at the Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC to see how we can help you in purchasing your home. 

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