Three Ways to Help Your SSA Case

  1. Go to the Doctor. 
    The claimant is required to provide sufficient medical evidence to
    prove he or she is disabled.  20 C.F.R. § 404.1514.  If you do not seek
    medical treatment, you might not have sufficient evidence to prove your
    disability.  SSA might send you for a consultative examination if you do
    not have sufficient medical evidence available.  20 C.F.R. §
    404.1517.  However, a one-time examination by an SSA provider is no
    substitute for years of quality medical records and treatment.  The
    number one thing you can do for your case is go to a supportive doctor
    and develop a solid treatment history.
  2. Appeal any Denial. 
    Receiving a denial from SSA can be devastating if you are disabled.
     Your ability to provide for yourself and your family has been
    compromised.  Then, when you attempt to collect benefits from the system
    you have paid into, you are denied.  It is very easy to give up hope
    and just stop.  However, you should understand that it is not unusual to
    be denied at the initial and/or reconsideration level.  Nationally,
    only about 25%-45% of cases are approved at the initial and
    reconsideration level combined.  However, over 50% of cases are approved
    at the hearing level, and people with attorneys do even better.  If you
    are disabled, you should never give up.  If you fail to make all of
    your appeals, you will limit your ability to appeal to federal court and
    could ultimately cost yourself thousands of dollars if you have to do a
    new application.  Retroactive benefits are limited.
  3. Get Help if you are Denied. 
    The disability application process can be daunting.  There is no
    substitute for the assistance of an experienced SSA attorney.  It does
    not cost you anything up front to hire RedTree Law Firm, PA.  We only
    get a fee if you win benefits and the fee is usually paid directly by
    SSA out of your past-due benefits.  You usually do not have to pay us
    anything out of pocket, other than expenses for things like ordering
    medical records.  There is no reason to take unnecessary chances with
    your case and your livelihood. You should never assume that the
    government will do the right thing.  You need to fight for your rights
    and having an experienced attorney gives you the best chance of winning

In an SSA disability case, the burden of proof for proving disability is on the claimant.  The claimant has to build the case, brick by brick, until there is enough evidence for SSA to find the claimant disabled.  These are some helpful tips to get started.

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