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  • Serving Carlsbad, CA

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Serving Carlsbad, CA

Credit cards accepted, Fixed hourly rates

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Is a piece of paper sufficient protection? Are words signed in ink adequate defense against an ex-spouse going against his or her word?

Let’s take a look. A woman recently approached us with the following question: can a spousal support ruling be reversed despite the fact that both parties signed the waiver? In her specific case, she and her ex-husband signed that they “voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently” waived their rights to spousal support. It was specifically stated that neither party could change his or her mind, even if circumstances changed. But then, the issue of child support arose. This woman’s ex-husband threatened to return to court for spousal support if she seeks out child support for their children. Is this threat a water gun spray painted black, or can he actually reverse their agreement?

When this couple mutually agreed to forever waive their rights to spousal support as part of their divorce agreement, the court’s ability to order spousal support was terminated. This woman need not fear; the court would not be able to grant her ex-husband’s request if he files a Request for Order.

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